The obligatory first post (part II)


To make a long, unreadable, blog entry short and more readable let me bring you to where we are now…

Our church has always been semi-covenantal in our worship, in how we view our children, and in our general view of church life. This bent toward things covenantal worked through us and as we studied “The Covenant” the elders moved the church to practice what we had come to believe the Bible taught. In 2006 we formally adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith (with some slight pastoral exceptions) as our confession.

We strive toward catholicity in our understanding of the visible church, making our statement of faith required for membership as broad as we think possible. Not everyone at Providence agrees with every tenent of Presbyterian government, covenant baptism, or covenant renewal worship, yet we have great unity over the essentials of the faith and in worldview.

So we bring this BLOG into being for the following reasons:

1. We are serious about the things of Jesus Christ.

2. We love the Church!

3. Worldviews matter.

4. Worship determines worldview.

5. French or no French we can be pretentious. This BLOG will allow us to stay in-touch with the little people.

6. It will allow an outlet for our humor.

7. Finally, we need your help in improving our spelling.

Let the posting begin…


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