Some categories


We are beholden to several bloggers as we attempt to organize ourselves in the ether. That being the case, there will be some categories that will look a tad familiar. So, we would like to thank those who have gone before us, done the hard work and made our task here easier. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, we are nothing if not sincere.

Here are some of our up coming categories:

  1. Lord’s Supper Meditations. These are taken from our worship services. We were using them before we saw their blogs; but Pastors Doug Wilson and Peter Leithart should be flattered here.
  2. Exhortations. Ref. the above.
  3. Worldview. If you post about this subject be flattered, chances are we saw your posts and said, “We like. We like a lot.” Nancy Pearcy should be REALLY flattered. Have you read her book yet?
  4. Church life. DW gets flattered again. Are you concerned he is going to get a big head? Don’t worry there are plenty of folks out there who don’t write nice things about Pastor Wilson. He lists some of them on his website.
  5. Exposition of Scripture. We get “words of knowledge” on occasion. They are usually contained in some work by Spurgeon, Edwards or Calvin. They are above being flattered.
  6. Apologetics and the like. We flatter so many people with this one we could start our own cult.

There will be more to be sure.


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