The obligatory first post (Pt1)


This post should explain our reason for being. There is a French term for that but who wants to be pretentious? Not we! I say we though right now it is just “I.” My fellow Pastor David may begin posting here as well but he is a busy man with a bunch of little ones. So for now I will begin this little venture, walking where my betters have gone and lighting a match to get a better look at their klieg lights.

 I am a staff elder at Providence Community Church, currently a candidate church of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals (CREC). We began that journey in 2001 with 4 families meeting in the living room of my friend Sam’s house.

Four families with 15 children between us – young ones – babies even – and we had no desire to leave them in the spiritual care of others. We wanted them with us in worship and Bible study and (eventually) communion. This and some other “Church Life” type situations put us out of place at our Founders Friendly Southern Baptist Church. So, by mutual agreement, we began a new work.

We were leaving a Baptist Church but we could not call ourselves Baptist since we took a very un-Baptist position on Baptism. We were willing to take into our body those who were professing believers and their children (and here’s the killer) and had been baptized as infants. Nope not Baptist. 

More a bit later…

Al sends


One Response to “The obligatory first post (Pt1)”

  1. davidbryant Says:

    Well, here it goes. Hope the landing is soft.

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