Slippery Hearts vs. Strong Assurances


Christ Jesus took human flesh to His divine person and suffered and died and rose again in order to redeem and restore a people for His name. That people is the church, His body. You are united to that body by faith in Him.

Our hearts are so prone to unbelief. We sin and we doubt and we second-guess ourselves. How do I know that I am part of the church so that I am sure Christ died for me? We tend to look to our conversion experience or to the state of our heart and try to discern if we really believe. If I really believe, then I must truly be in Him.

The New Testament certainly commands us to test ourselves as to whether we are in the faith. But if we think that what we do is to test ourselves, and then if we pass the test and are sure that we are really Christians, then we may come to the Lord’s Table, then we have it exactly backwards.

Instead, we come to the Lord’s Table and then we are assured and confirmed that we are truly in Him. In the strength of that confirmation, you go away from His table ready to do battle with sin and unbelief. Subjective ways of finding out whether you are in Christ have their place. But you have an objective way of knowing that you are in Christ. You come to the table as a member of Christ’s church. You don’t have to trust to the shakiness of your experience or the slipperiness of your sinful heart. You have been baptized into the Triune name of God; therefore, bearing His name, you come to the Lord’s Table and by being at the Lord’s Table you are strengthened to believe and confirmed to be in Christ.

So all of you who are in Christ’s church, come to the table. Receive the gift of God for your souls. Receive the body and blood of our Lord, which will build you up in your holy faith and confirm you in Him. Christ has died and ever lives for your life.

Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.


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