Placarding the Wrong god


So I was driving in Pensacola yesterday, and I saw one of those church signs. Now let me say that I am not favorably disposed to church signs with sayings on them. Seeing so many has prejudiced me against them, I suppose.

Try this one on for size: “Interested in going to heaven? Apply inside for flight training.”

Now, do I really need to mention how trivializing, how absurd, how small this is? It is no wonder that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is so monstrously belittled in our culture. He is monstrously belittled in the church. And then that shrunken god is placarded in front of traffic as if he were something to brag about.

I am convinced that the soul of contemporary evangelicalism, unfortunately, shows through. This is no Holy God to fear and love and before whom to humble oneself. This is no God of glory and of grace. This is the god of the glib, the god of studied nonchalance, the god who gives you cool stuff.

Paul wrote in Galatians 3:1 that he clearly placarded Christ as crucified in his preaching. What about that for church advertisement?


4 Responses to “Placarding the Wrong god”

  1. centuri0n Says:

    Best church sign ever:

    -sign broke-
    -message inside-

  2. Al S Says:

    since this will be a category for “new sign sightings” let me use the comments to tell you of the sign to end all signs…

    Posted on an independent Baptist’s large sign:

    “Revival cancelled due to Hurricane. To be rescheduled.”

    al sends

  3. davemcle Says:

    Here are a few favorites:
    Wrinkled with burdens? Come in for a faith lift.
    Jesus believes in you!
    Get lost in God
    And the mother of all church sign messages:
    Jesus loves Osama

  4. Vicodin. Says:



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