A Hot Debate


It seems like the global warming debate is heating up the headlines these days, especially in the never-ending campaign and election cycle the unholy alliance of politics and media perpetuates. Pastor Doug Wilson commented on global warming recently over at Blog and Mablog (one of my favorites). With evangelicals coming up with manifestoes on global warming and politicians shouting about it and threatening to reach into our wallets to pay for government initiatives to deal with it, we need to be up on this debate. And besides, if global warming is a reality, and if it is indeed caused by humans (I am cautious about the former and disbelieve the latter), then we need to be thinking about this anyway, for its own sake.

One of the best commentaries on the debate is by a favorite author of mine, Michael Crichton. He is no professional scientist, but then, in my mind, that just elevates his opinion. You can read his speech here. By the way, it is called “Aliens Cause Global Warming.” But it’s not kooky — instead it is quite illuminating. He gives some history and perspective on the whole controversy and the science behind it. Good stuff.

The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19), and they will continue to do so until Christ returns in glory. That’s pretty cool, huh?


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  1. Al S Says:

    Check this out as well…


    al sends

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