Pick A School, Any School


I just just read this article in World Magazine.  The Utah house has passed the nation’s first statewide school voucher program.  Utah’s Senate is expected to pass it, the Governor has said he will sign it and “state PTA president Carmen Snow informed reporters, “I just want to cry.'” 

If the PTA were still selling cupcakes and organizing playground clean ups I would feel bad for Ms. Snow. But she is crying for all the wrong reasons. In November of 2000 the Utah PTA passed a resolution that said int part It is the opinion of the Utah PTA that vouchers and similar systems would undermine public education and weaken a very effective system providing quality education for all Utah children.”  The PTA exists to support the public (read government) education system, becoming just another lobby for the status quo in Utah children’s education.

1. Your tax dollars are already going to support the religious indoctrination of children in your state. The religion is humanism and its alters still accept sacrificial victims.

2. This would save money while not short-changing the government schools. The way Utah’s bill works is that students receive a voucher for $500.00 – $3000.00. This money attaches to the student and where ever he or she decided to go the money follows. If the local, state and federal governments were spending $10,000 per student that would mean at least a $7,000 net gain, per student, for the school. At least initially.

3. It would encourage charity, helping to ensure the poor students receive as excellent an education as the wealthy. Under the government education system the poorer students perform far below the wealthier students. When it really becomes a community school the community will care.

4. It opens up a veritable smorgasbord of educational choices to the public. Does your child display an exceptional aptitude for math? Enroll her in the Classical School of Mathematics. Looking for a liberal arts education?  Enroll in the Classical School for the Exceptionally Well Read.

5. Lastly, It will may help the PTA get back to baking cupcakes instead of lobbying for a state funded Pre-K program.  Mmmmm… cupcakes. I will soon post why Christians should be wary of voucher programs…

 Update:  The Governor signed it, using real quiet pen… 

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