It has been awhile since I read the (short) novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, but the bombardiers’ predicament reminds me of the situation Intelligent Design theorist, Dr. Stephen Meyer, found himself in back in 2004.

In Catch-22 Heller nails the death of modernism and the futility of reason in the face of bureaucratic chaos. The main character, Yossarian, comes to realize that the authorities over him do not posses anything close to the truth.The regulation they use to keep him flying dangerous bombing missions (Catch-22) does not even exist, though everyone believes it does. It is a post-modern novel if ever there was one.

Back in August of 2004 an article authored by Dr. Meyer appeared in the online edition of Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. This article had been peer reviewed and thought worthy of publication by the editors of that somewhat eclectic periodical. It was only read by a handful of folks though and very few knew of its existence.

After it was converted to bits and bytes though… Katie bar the door. The scientific community was aghast when it hit the Internet. In their eyes the collective IQ of the nation was in danger of steep decline through a challenge to the status quo. This could not be happening, could it? I.D. papers being peer reviewed AND published? What next? Interspecies reproduction?

Here is the catch-22… The ‘scientific’ community requires peer review and publication of theories in order for one to be respected in the community. To get respect you have to be “published” in a professional journal. The ‘scientific’ community controls the professional journals and refuses (by and large) to publish papers from the I.D. camp.  This is from a recent article at, “The Darwinist case for opposing public consideration of Intelligent Design amounts to saying that “You have to publish in the professional journals before taking the theory to the public, and we have a rule that doesn’t allow you to publish in the professional literature.” “Life is good if you are the practitioner of the “accepted” flat earth science of your day. Not so good if you happen to be the guy pointing out the curve of the horizon.

 Go read the article at…

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