Christ at the Center


As we come together to worship this morning I would just remind you that the Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do. When we gather, we gather as His body. When we sing, we sing His praises. When we pray, we plead Him as our Mediator. When we confess our sins, we confess in the sure confidence that we are forgiven for His sake. When we hear the Word, we hear as the sheep of Christ eager to hear His voice. When we meditate on the preached Word, by faith we see Christ crucified. When we take bread and wine, we receive the body and blood of Christ by faith. When we receive the benediction, we are blessed by Christ Himself. We approach God to worship in the name of Jesus Christ and by the grace of His cross and for the sake of His glory.

The prophets in the days of the Old Testament saw Christ only dimly through the corridors of time. They saw Christ only through shadows and types. We see Him clearly as the Son of God incarnate, the crucified and risen Son of David, the Messiah who has come, who lives and reigns. We draw near to the Savior by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our worship is nothing less than fellowship with Yahweh God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.

Let us not take that lightly. Let us not be halfhearted in our worship, as if our privileges were not great. Let us not let our minds roll with the floating waves of distraction. Let us not take words frivolously on our lips. Let us not treat as contemptuous the holy things of God.

Let us instead realize that Christ is in our midst. His glory is present by the power of the Holy Spirit through the preached Word and the Word spread for us on the table. Let us worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let us draw near because He is gracious, and He gladly receives poor sinners like us so that He can rescue us and bless us and be good to us and extend His kingdom through us and glorify Himself through our delight in Him.

Let us worship with Christ Jesus in our midst.


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