Stem Cells


You may have read this article linked from the Drudge Report: British team grows human heart valve from stem cells

Notice anything missing? I will give a minute to review it…

What was missing? The word Embryonic.   Let me promise you this dear reader… If this had been taken from embryos the headline would have read something like this: Hey Christian Right… You Idiots are Pathetic… Look What We Made from EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS — WE ARE GODS!!!!! Or words to that effect.

Now take a look at this link, which tells you how many Adult Stem Cell treatments there are compared to the number of baby killing treatments available. Be Amazed

Al sends


5 Responses to “Stem Cells”

  1. turretinfan Says:

    I thought you were going to say “God.” This is a prime example of men worshipping the creature instead of the Creator. The Designer of the human heart has His work plagiarized, and the feeble copyists are praised for the fact that their imitation is better than those of the previous copyists.

    Yes, these stem cells were from bone marrow stem cells. The idea of using human embryonic stem cells for this sort of thing is frightening because it would mean either:

    a) Planning long in advance and inducing an identical twin during conception (I suppose this should be possible using IVF techniques), then freezing the twin for tissue harvesting later in life; or
    b) Cloning (not quite doable yet), then harvesting the tissue of the clone.

    Otherwise the genetics will not match, and rejection of the transplant is more likely.

    I suppose a (c) is possible in which some degree of match could be performed between a mother and her own murdered infant.

    All of these are horrible in that they are not only murders but familial infanticides.

    Nevertheless, expect to see this research misused to support the argument that “this is why we need to permit embryonic stem cell research.”

    May our Creator be praised!


  2. Al S Says:

    Hello T-fan…

    Would you say that working with adult stem cells to grow things like heart valves or other tissue, crosses an ethical line? Or would this be an example of taking dominion over creation, on par with the small pox vaccine?

    Al sends

  3. turretinfan Says:

    Dear Al,
    Dominion-taking seems clear to me, but I haven’t ever heard an argument to the contrary. I’d hate to judge any such argument without having heard it.
    May God richly bless you!

  4. Al S Says:

    I agree. When you said, “The Designer of the human heart has His work plagiarized…” I thought you were saying that those who created the valves were treading where only God should dwell.

    al sends

  5. turretinfan Says:

    No, brother Al, I meant only that they were failing to give attribution to the original Designer of the human heart.


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