Blogging for the Truly Lazy


I have been busy… Doing very important pastoral things. Take any story my wife may present about me playing the new Command and Conquer game with a grain of salt. Sure the graphics are incredible and the play fast and enjoyable… But come on!

That is why I bring you other people and their labors:

Mark Horne points us to this little entry about John Gill. Read it and weep for the Hyper-Calvinists.

Bryan over at Hot Air sees God through the Hubble Telescope and says: “The God of the Bible is the God of the genome is the God of the distant dying star.” AMEN

And finally, Trey Austin looks at the WCF and asks a question along the same lines: Check my friend Trey’s Blog out. He has a little girl that is cute as a button and there are pictures!

Expect Good Friday material this evening or tomorrow…

Al sends


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