Blogging For the Truly Lazy II


The family is taking off on a little va-ca, as the cool kids say. We are heading to the mountains of North Carolina. Just so there is no category confusion let me just say that for a Floridian these are HUGE. For those in Colorado, foothills… tiny, little foothills.

Looking forward to spending time with friends and family in a large cabin like thingy. Actually two cabins, with one set of adults keeping the boys (4) and another set of parents keeping the girls (again 4) . Two families, 8 little olive plants! God is good.

Well, I do not wish to leave you without something from Al to read this week (for the 15 of you that actually read me). So, let me give you some links to blogs I read with regularity:

First, Michelle Malkin has a tribute to Johnny Hart, writer of the B.C. comic. He passed away from a stroke on Holy Saturday and woke up with his best view of Resurrection Sunday ever!

Next we have a little blog from Dale Courtney. Dale lives in Moscow, Idaho and fights the good fight against the Intoleristas, who have taken special interest in his little church. Dale often comments on education matters and has a quote from a paper in Detroit. Read it and weep. Just to MAKE you click on it: there may be a free iPod in it for you… if you live in Michigan and happen to be a student in the government schools.

Third, I linked him the other day (and after this I will give him a permanent link) but here is Trey Austin again… Sure he just copied and pasted it, but its not like you would have gone to the trouble of looking it up yourself… send him some love. It is a nice Easter Meditation.

One last one… There is a this fellow Michael Spencer, nom de blog: iMonk, who delivers a diatribe against Stupid Evangelical Tricks. Let me urge it on you… Here is a bit:

Worship leaders and churches that have dumped the entire heritage of Christian hymnody tempt me to use words like “idiots,” but I’m trying to hold that for later, but it’s among the most stupid things evangelicals are doing.

OK… that is all for now. David will provide more meaty fare I am sure.

Jesus Christ is Risen from the Dead and He is Lord. Live like it.

al sends


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