You’ve Been Summoned…


It is easy for us to forget or get distracted from what is really going on in our worship as the people of God on the Lord’s Day. We have been summoned to appear before the Sovereign of the universe, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We have been ushered into an audience with the grandest and most glorious of beings in all the world. We are in the presence of God right now. We have been swept up into heaven, into the glory cloud of Almighty God Himself.

Now if this is true – and it is – then we must overcome distraction.

There are many things that would fill our minds and many things that would draw us away us from the weightiness of this moment when we are in the presence of God. But we must fix our minds on the glory of God in Jesus Christ. We must dismiss thoughts of lesser things and fill our minds with thoughts of that which is true and good and beautiful. We must rest our minds and hearts in Christ and His cross. We must seek wisdom and understanding. We must let the Holy Scriptures direct our thoughts and our intentions right now.

So I exhort you to do just that this morning in worship. As you sing and pray and confess and hear the Word and take up the bread and cup, do so with full awareness that you are in the presence of God Almighty. And be thankful. Let your hearts rejoice that God has been so gracious to you through His Son Jesus Christ and by His Spirit.

All you who trust the Lord, come, let us rejoice in Him. Let us love His name and proclaim His glory. Let us approach Him full of faith and seeking understanding.

Holy Father, we praise you, for you created all things and you sustain all things and you are greater than all things.

Loving Son, we adore you because you humbled yourself and were found in appearance as a man in order to be an atoning sacrifice for our sin.

Powerful Spirit, we ask for your aid as we enter into worship so that we would know Christ and grow in Him.

Lord, you have sent forth your royal summons to us, calling us to come and appear before you so that you can forgive us and cleanse us and make us new. We trust in Christ Jesus alone for our all things.

Abide with us in love and grace and mercy this morning. We give ourselves up to you, in faith and repentance, ready to praise you and ready to yield up our lives to you and to your Son, who is our Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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