A Momentous Moment


Around one million babies are murdered in our nation every year. Abortion is a holocaust unprecedented in the history of human civilization, and I truly believe that is no overstatement. Our nation will not thumb its collective nose at the law of Almighty God for much longer, and in fact I believe we are seeing His opposition to us. Judgment is not coming; it’s here.

But perhaps today’s news is a glimmer of hope. Not repentance, but a movement in the right direction. Toward honoring God’s law by sparing the most vulnerable of God’s image bearers among us. Read here how the Supreme Court banned the evil practice of partial birth abortion. The more the abortion defenders scream, the more little ones are spared.

Praise the Lord and keep praying, beloved.


2 Responses to “A Momentous Moment”

  1. turretinfan Says:

    It’s a tiny step in the right direction. Let’s pray that the walk continues. I’m not sure this step will result in any fewer murders, but maybe so. God only knows.

  2. davidbryant Says:

    I agree. Even the fact that this was such a slim majority is evidence that we are not going in a direction really. It is just a slowing down of the downward spiral. Take away those two Bush appointees, and it gets even scarier.

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