No, I am not talking about JJ Walker from the TV show Goodtimes (man I am old).  This JJ is James Jordan and he wrote an excellent article on the proper use of the WCF.  Here is a quote but make sure you go HERE and read the whole thing:

…the Standards are often a consensus document. The men at the Westminster Assembly did not all agree with each other about everything. There was a variety of views on things like what happens at baptism, for instance, and the imputation to the elect of the “active obedience” of Jesus, for another. Often the Standards reflect an attempt to form a consensus, or to do justice to the concerns of all parties. Hence, it is often quite wrong to use the Standards to argue for only one very particular understanding of, say, baptism or imputation, and to insist that anyone disagreeing with that view is out of step with the Standards 

al sends


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