Communion Building Community


We heard in the Scriptures this morning an exhortation to follow the path that our Savior trod – the path of self-humiliation and the renouncing of rights, the path of denying oneself for the sake of others. In our union with Christ we live lives of self-giving love that spills over into humble service and likeminded unity.

This table brings it all together for us. Here we have the bread and the wine which are a remembrance of the suffering of our Savior for us. Here we have a communion of life, a sharing both with Christ and with one another. Here we are one body of love in Christ as we wait for one another and eat and drink Christ together in faith.

I said in the sermon that we, as modern American Christians, need to learn to do community better and begin to repent of that in our lifestyles that tears down or inhibits true community. Let’s not underestimate weekly communion at this table as a significant step forward in that process. Every time we partake of the bread and the wine together in faith, we witness communion building community; we share our life together in Christ; we discern the body of Christ and therefore are enabled to live as the body of Christ when we walk away from the table.

So are you discerning the body? Look around and see those who are united with Christ through baptism and by faith. Look around and see your family, fellow-children of the Heavenly Father and fellow-heirs with Christ your elder brother. Look around and see those whom you are called to serve.

Look around and meditate on specific ways you can die to yourself and begin to please your neighbor for his good. Look around and consider how you will edify the body in love. What conversation can you have? What can you reveal about your own weaknesses? What act of service can you perform? What invitation to hospitality can you extend? This table draws you together as one.

So come, taste and see that the Lord is good.


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