Some Stories That Caught My Eye


I saw several stories this week that caught my eye. Not for the weak of heart, my friend.

It seems that this false Christ is up to it again. Almost makes me want to read the Left Behind series.

There are hopeful signs that Christians are considering obeying God’s Word and taking their children out of the Amalekite school system. Check it out here. Not a good starting point to consider obedience, though.

Are children bad for the planet? Too bad these folks’ parents didn’t get that message. Check it out here.

And oh yeah, Al Sharpton. He’s a news item all his own. I had to laugh to see him doing damage control after insinuating that Mormoms are not real Christians (vis-a-vis Romney), only to insist that, in true classical liberal form, of course he would never criticize anyone’s path to God (which I heard him do when being interviewed on CNN). That Al Sharpton is still thought of as a minister of the gospel in the church of Jesus Christ is a serious indictment of the American church. The real scandal is not the insinuation Sharpton made concerning Mormons — any minister worth his salt could say quite plainly what he insinuated, and without embarassment or apology. Just give me a microphone — or better yet a pulpit. The real scandal is a passive church tolerating clowns for its ministers. Like people, like priest.


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