When you’re wrong you’re wrong…


When writing for public consumption (at which, I am a novice) one should not answer brothers-in-Christ the way one does the average passerby.

Why? Well, God says that we are to love one another (in a particular way) so that the average passerby, rank heretic or raging atheist might pause and wonder at the Christ these brothers serve. And in wondering, glorify God. That should be motive enough.

Here is another reason. Since we know one another, how greater grace has overcome great sin in each of our lives, we should be on a hair trigger to offer that same grace in these disputations. There is the whole thing about have received much and much being required. Oh, and it is required of ME! Not some disembodied soul in the nether regions of cyberspace. ME. I have received much and there is much required of ME.

With that in mind:

I was wrong. I was wrong to answer my brother (in the post below) the way I did. I was wrong to make this personal by answering him by name. I was wrong to impute motive to his questions and I was wrong to simply try and win an argument.

With that in mind… I repent of the above and ask him for forgiveness. I will endeavor to make amends in private but, public sin – public confession.

al sends…


One Response to “When you’re wrong you’re wrong…”

  1. dontholdyourbreath Says:

    Glorious example, brotha. God loves a humble heart!!!! *big, squeezy hug*

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