The Power of Pentecost Without Being Pentecostal


Today is Pentecost Sunday, the day on the Christian calendar in which we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell the church of Jesus Christ. This is a most momentous day, for on this day the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, giving them gifts and empowering them for the proclamation of the gospel and the works prepared for them by the Father.

Pentecost created the church. There has always been a church, in the sense of there being a people of God set apart for His worship. But in a unique way the descent of the Spirit 40 days after the ascension of Jesus empowered the disciples of Jesus to be the continuation of the presence of Jesus in the world. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the church is the body of Christ, incarnating the risen and ascended Savior in the world. Christ Jesus is mystically present in His body, the church, by the Holy Spirit.

So this means that any fruit we bear for God is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Any good works we perform is the working of the Holy Spirit in us. Any mighty deeds that are evident in us are the workings of the Holy Spirit. Any real progress in holiness and faith and repentance is truly the evidence of being baptized into the Spirit of Christ.

What then should we do? We should earnestly seek the aid of the Holy Spirit in worship. We should ask for His presence and power to be strong with us so that our praise is Godward and our prayers are fervent and our hearing of the Word is effectual.

So here is my exhortation to you today: you can live out the power of Pentecost without being Pentecostal! You can be full of the Spirit without doing anything weird that makes people stare. And you can be “spiritual” in the true sense of that word.

Worship the Lord, I exhort you, by walking in the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit and trusting the Spirit to help you in your weakness and to lead you to call on God as your Abba, Father.


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