Global Gospel Warming


Tim over at The Global Warming Heretic brought an interesting article to my attention. There is so much wrong with this gathering that I am aghast. But in this little Tennessean article Brian McLaren says the following:

Brian McLaren, an author and Christian activist who spoke Thursday, said many television and radio evangelists had delivered to their listeners the kind of fear-mongering and finger-pointing messages that promote factionalism.

In his lecture at First Baptist Church, McLaren proposed that preaching should remedy, rather than incite, controversial issues.

These include poverty and climate change, and he encouraged his audience not to shy away from such global issues.

“We can’t really afford to waste too many Sundays with so much at stake,” he said.
“If instead we play it safe, in a true sense we have switched sides from being part of the solution to being part of the problem.”

I don’t know what it means to waste time on Sundays promoting factionalism but there ARE important things to do on Sunday mornings. Not-a-one has anything to do with CO2 emissions.

Perhaps someone would like to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to have a “Festival of Homiletics” where folks are taught: “What preaching attempts to do is to foster a courageous and creative reading of scripture.”

Talk amongst yourselves.

al sends


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