First or 1,000th


God has called us to come and assemble before Him to worship Him as our Lord and Covenant Head. We have been reminded of our sins and have confessed them to God. He has heard us and has assured us that we are forgiven through the blood and righteousness of His Son, Jesus Christ. God has consecrated us to Himself through the reading, praying, and preaching of His Word. And now He welcomes us, His people, to His table to share fellowship with Him in peace.

The climax of our worship is here at this table, where we eat the bread and drink the wine, and so eat the flesh of Christ and drink the blood of Christ in heaven, by the Spirit. We are one body here at this table in Him.

But consider that there is at least one member of our body here this morning for whom this is first communion – the very first time to partake of the bread and the wine.

Our Lord told Peter at the Last Supper, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with me.” The Savior was talking about washing Peter’s feet, but what Jesus was pointing to was the washing that must take place by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the washing of the blood of Christ Himself. This washing is placed on us through the sign and seal of baptism. “If I do not wash you, you have no part with me.” But the converse is gloriously true: “If I do wash you, you have a part with me.”

It is a marvelous thing to watch a child be born into the world. It is a miraculous thing to watch a child of God be reborn into the kingdom. It is a wondrous thing to watch someone who has been baptized in water in the Triune name have a part with Christ by eating the bread of His body and drinking the wine of His blood. First communion – what a beautiful picture this is of the wonder of being joined with Christ in a saving union. For that is what our salvation is – union with the risen Christ, sharing His life and righteousness and glory.

We have a part with Him today in this covenant meal that is the climax of our worship. Whether it is our first communion of our 1,000th, it is a powerful reality to have a share in Christ. Let us rejoice as we partake together as one body.

Come, let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


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