Our Climate Goes to 11


When confronted by the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) drama, concerning the danger of rising temperatures, may I recommend the following rejoinder:   “Oh yeah?  Who says?” 

It seems we post-moderns are a proud lot (prouder than the moderns it turns out) and we have enshrined our present climate at the pinnacle of all this is right with the world.  Our beach going, snow-skiing, shrimping, seal hunting and farming is the best ‘cause we are tanning, swhooshing, pealing, clubbing and planting.  You see, today’s temperatures have become their own standard of perfection.

So let me give leave you with two links that are apropos:   In this article from the Washington Post notice how the warming of water around Greenland is both boon and bust for the residents.  Read it and ask yourself how the High Priest of Global Warming would view these data.

Next view the below video…  Our world is best because we go to 11.


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