An End in Itself


We are about to eat our communal meal, the ritual meal of the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. We will take up bread and partake of Christ’s body, showing ourselves to be one loaf in Him. And we will take up wine and partake of Christ’s blood, showing ourselves to be one cup in Him. Regularly partaking of the Lord’ Supper should be part of our intentional living of the good life of truth, beauty and goodness.

To be the Christian church and to partake of the celebration meal of the Christian church is truly one of the best things in life.

You know, I often eat simply for nutrition or to satisfy hunger. Sometimes I eat from boredom or from a simple craving. I often don’t really think about why I’m eating.  But when I come to this table, I should be eating quite intentionally – I should be mindful that I have entered into the New Covenant Sabbath rest in Christ. And I should be mindful that, imperfect though it is, I am taking part in the feast that pictures the great wedding feast of the Lamb that will persist through eternity in the new heaven and new earth.

We partake of this Communion meal as a means to the end of being strengthened in Christ and in unity with one another. But we should also view our eating and drinking as an end in itself. This is the good life – to eat at the Lord’s Table in His presence with His shalom resting on us. We go through a lot to live the Christian life, and we endure much in life. What is it for? Is there some end for which it is all aimed? Life in Jesus Christ, the rich life of loving and obeying and glorifying Him, this is the great end. And we pursue it with purpose and joy.

So here we are, at peace with God through Jesus Christ and the blood of His cross, sitting at His table, celebrating with Him the good life that He has given us. Have joy, beloved. You are full and complete in Him. What this eating and drinking signifies is what we are saved for – union and communion with Christ Jesus.

Come, let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


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