Effectual Worship


A question we often ask in daily life is, Did it work? Did it get the job done? Was it effective? This morning I want you to remember that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who makes our worship effectual. When our worship is effectual, it is real worship in spirit and in truth that is received and approved of by the Living God.

It is not your great earnestness and passion that makes your worship effectual, though you should be earnest and passionate. It is not the depth of your feeling that makes your worship effectual, though your worship should resound deep into your affections. It is not the outward forms that make worship effectual, though we should be very concerned that we are worshipping biblically. It is not the excellence of our music or the eloquence of our words or the beauty of our sanctuary or the sweet spirit of our congregation that make our worship effectual, though we say amen to them all.

When our worship of the Living God is effectual, it is because the Lord Jesus Christ is dwelling in our midst and showing us His favor. We must never attempt to worship without His presence or His aid. When we sing, His Spirit whom He gave to us enables us to sing. When we confess and say amen, He helps us in our weakness and confesses and says amen in heaven for us and fills eternity with His certitude and strength. When we hear the Word read and preached, His Spirit ministers the Word to our hearts and lives, and causes the Word of Christ to dwell in us richly. When we pray to the Father, the Spirit of Christ takes our lisping prayers by the hand and walks them into the throne room of God on the authority of the cross of Christ.

When we worship and the hurricane of God’s wrath would burst forth and flood us and consume, we do not try to build an earthen levee with our own righteousness. We are made eternally safe only by the perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives His favor to our worship so that it is truly in spirit and in truth.

So may the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ show His favor to us today and make our worship effectual, both here on earth and also in heaven.

Come, let us worship the Triune God in spirit and in truth. Let us glorify our Lord and Maker and Redeemer God


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