Love Made Food, Food Made Worship


I have been urging you this morning to see all of creation as a gift from God that communicates His goodness to you. I have been urging you to see all food as a sacrament of God’s presence and peace and abundance because this is the good life that Jesus Christ has won for you and me. He has redeemed the whole creation and is now giving it to us as a gift for His glory.

Now I want to direct your attention to the elements on this table. And I want you to make an important observation: this bread and wine is not from the tables of angels who live out in the ether. Nor is it invisible, spiritual bread and wine. If you lift these cloths, you find plain bread not unlike the bread you might plan to have on your lunch table today, made from wheat and oil and water. This wine was at one time red grapes hanging on clusters somewhere in California on a farm owned by a man named Charles. This is real food and real wine, just like the food by which you commune with God in all the rest of your life.

God made the world, and He made it to provide food for man, and He made man to live on the food of the world and to enjoy it all as a gift for Him. Man in Adam has refused to acknowledge that it is all a gift from God. Christ Jesus took on human flesh and died in that flesh and ascended up to heaven in that flesh, and that glorified flesh is now with God. In Him God has redeemed this sin-sick world and everything in it, and He is redeeming it until the day of consummation. That means that God is completing what He originally set out to do in the Garden of Eden: creating a world full of good and pleasing gifts and then placing His image bearer, man, in that world to receive all those gifts with thanksgiving and to work in the strength that those gifts provide, thus turning food into worship and glory to God.

What we are experiencing here now in the Holy Eucharist is a sacramental meal in just this way. Here we have love made food. And when we take that food into our bodies with the blessing of Christ Jesus, it is food made worship. As we lift our thanksgiving for this gift – the body and blood of Christ who is our Food from heaven, who is the very Bread of our life – then we are being strengthened with His food, and we are communing with the Lord God who in Christ has become our life and our salvation and our peace and is so unfailingly good to us, His body.

Praise the Lord! Here we have love made food. Let’s take this food and make it worship.

Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.


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