Let’s Stay Away from That Place


Church sign spotted yesterday:

Free trip to heaven. Details inside.

The best commentary on this sign came from my 7-year-old, who, after I read the sign and groaned, asked, “Don’t you have to get killed to go to heaven?”

So that’s what goes on in there, huh?


2 Responses to “Let’s Stay Away from That Place”

  1. seth2958 Says:

    What’s wrong with that statement?? While it perhaps was birthed from the mind of someone with a shallow view of authentic Christianity, it’s actually a theologically true proposition. Heaven is 100% free, and we can find out about it from God’s people, the Church.

    Theological Satire

  2. davidbryant Says:

    My problem with it is exactly what you said: it reflects a shallow view of authentic Christianity, which is endemic in our society and only worsened by representations of Christian thought like this. The folks who put that sign up undoubtedly love Jesus, and I suppose it is a true proposition.

    But I could easily imagine a travel agency with a sign that said, “Free cruise. Details inside.” And a passerby would think, “Humph, the only catch is that it is not free and it is probably on a rubber dinghy.” When Christians stoop to using sloganeering like that, it just makes the gospel look like a sham, a manipulative ploy to convince people that they must really want the cheap, escapist thing we offer that we call “salvation.” Things that are “free” in this sense are rarely valuable. The “freeness” of the gospel (which by the way promises something far greater than heaven — indeed, resurrection) comes at the great price of the life of the Son of God. Grace is free, but not cheap.

    All this aside, I really put it up on the blog because of my daughter’s humorous response, which I am willing to wager to next paycheck was not what was intended by the people who put it up.

    Thanks for the comment, seth2958.

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