Look At That Picture… God Loves You


Heading up to Family Reunion!  I am a mixed breed… Dad is a Yankee, Newton Mass.  Mom is a Southern Bell, B-Ham Alabama.  Dad’s mom was born in Scotland.  Mom’s dad was 1/4 Indian, Native American type. 

Since I am reformed I embrace my Scots ancestry with a vengeance, hating the English and loving the Kirk.  But, I must say that I am helplessly drawn to the little town of Roanoke, Alabama every 4th of July weekend.  The call of the Folsom’s runs as strong in my blood as the Highland yell of Clan MacMillan.

Every year one of the old folks just can’t make it to Darden’s place and every year there are at least one or two wee ones enjoying their first glimpse of the wrap around porch and the two story barn.  They won’t remember it of course, but we take pictures so they will know they were part of the family even back then.  We will point at the photo and say, “see that’s you and that is your great grandfather, telling you that he loves you.”  And that is all the proof she will need.  She is a Folsom.

Isn’t that a bit like baptism?   The child does not remember his baptism, but we took pictures and we will point to the photo one day and say, “that’s you and that is Pastor Bryant, telling you that God loves you.”  And seeing that picture will be one more testimony of the faithfulness of God.  He is a child of the King.

I leave you with this video of the poetry of Robert Burns sung nicely by Andy M. Stewart.  Have a great Lord’s Day!

al sends


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