The Feast That Is the Basis for All Feasting


I suggested in the sermon this morning that celebration is not some added-on, optional extra for Christian living. Rather, celebration is at the very center of the good life that Christ has given us. And now we are here at the Lord’s Table sitting at the celebratory feast that our God has prepared for us. This feast is our weekly, communal feast of thanksgiving and joy.

One thing we are trying to do in our congregation is build a covenant community characterized by joyful living that is the good life that Christ has won for us. As I said, feasting is central to that good life, and this feast at the Lord’s Table is the basis for all our feasting all through the week and all through the year. When we feast in peace, with our families and with the covenant family of the church, we do so because of Christ and His forgiveness. When we enjoy God’s good gifts of roast beef and gravy and vegetables and wine and chocolate and beautiful tablecloths and children’s glowing faces, it is because Christ is our life.

Festal living begins here at this table, where God invites us to His banquet and rejoices over us, His people. We cannot leave this place and go about our business like it never happened. Because God rejoices over us here, we cannot help but go and live out this Communion joy in our homes and with our families and at our own tables. While the Lord’s Day is the pinnacle of our week and worship at this table is our center, our entire lives should be characterized by this thanksgiving joy.

You cannot go to your job and work like a godless pagan because you have rejoiced at the table of the Lord. You cannot be snarky with your children or your spouse. You have feasted with the Lord. You cannot hold grudges or cling to bitterness; the Lord Jesus rejoices over you. This is of course the goodness and grace of the Triune God. And this is how the Triune God plans to overrun the world with his mercy and grace: people coming to this meal in faith, trusting Jesus, and rejoicing in Him.

So come, let us taste and see that the Lord is good, and let us give thanks


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