Real – Brutal – Men


OK, first off let me say there are problems, serious problems, with how this war in Iraq went down. My main problem is that Congress did not declare war on anyone. If we consider the Christian understanding of jus ad bellum – that is a big problem. You see, the Congress is “responsible authority” for declaring war, not the President. It is given to them in the Constitution. But, to be honest, there are other problems as well…

First, we have not defined our enemy. While there is a high correspondence between geography and terror (many of our enemy hail from the Middle East) it is far from a solid indication of who the bad guys are. Notice that some of those being held in Great Britain for the bombings at the end of June are legally in that country. The enemy is living among us in the West yet separate from us and that presents some problems. I recommend that you read Mark Steyn’s book America Alone to get an understanding of the problem of Balkanization.

We further refuse to identify our enemy by believing that those who attack us do so because they are poor and uneducated. Did you see that some of the CAR BOMBERS, arrested in the UK, were medical doctors? The bad guys are not the equivalent of Goth kids in your local government school. They could be (are?) respected members of their communities.

Another problem I have with this war is our apparent desire to think too highly of our enemy. How many times have you heard that “this can’t be Al-Qaeda because it is so amateurish” or “Bin-Laden is far too smart to (fill in the blank).” Ummm… Remember the 9-11 hijackers? They took flying lessons and told their instructors that THEY DID NOT NEED TO LEARN HOW TO LAND!!!! These yahoos are not going be seen on an episode of “Criminal Masterminds” anytime soon. They are all amateurs until they succeed.

One last problem… Our enemy will not stop when they get the right to vote. We should not be setting out to establish democracies all over the world. That is not on the list of righteous reasons to fight.

All that being said… Even with all these problems we do have an enemy. The real ‘enemy’ are brutal men who do not deserve mercy from us. Read this piece from Michael Yon and then ask yourself where you should draw the line when fighting them?

Here is a quote but click read the whole thing (CONTENT WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES):

“Al Qaeda had taken over the village… The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?”

Have not heard about this? Go figure.

al sends


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