Impressing the Lord God


An author I was reading once made the point that when we gather to worship, we do so in order to impress the Lord. That caught my attention.

It really sounds quite ludicrous – how can we impress the Lord of glory? Our singing pales compared to the singing of the angels. Our hearts still carry around corruption that is not yet removed. Our minds are weak and our understanding is feeble. When we try to look into the Word, we find that we often just stare and blink stupidly. When we try to fix our thoughts on the glory of Christ, we find that we instead begin to think about our plans for the day or the latest repair that our car needs or how the person in front of us needs a new hairdo. How can we impress the Lord? Is it not arrogance to try?

But the author made the point that when we worship we do this because it is inescapable. Either we will be trying to impress the Lord, or else we will be trying to impress someone else. We were built to worship, to seek the pleasure of the one who is our audience in worship. So we will either do this with the Living God, or else we will do it with an idol.

But I think the real power of this thought is that it drives us back to the gospel. It drives us back to the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ that covers us like a robe. If we must impress the Lord, and we must, how can this be done apart from resting in the goodness, the worth, the righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lived and died to make us acceptable to the Father?

So remember this morning that our worship is perfectly pleasing to the Father – it impresses Him – because we offer worship to God that is perfect in every respect. It is perfect because it is the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head and only righteousness of the church.


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