5000 and Ticking (or Tic-ing)


I moved this to the top of the Blog, using some mad skills – al sends

Sometime today one of you will be the 5000th visitor to the site…  Do me a favor and take a screen capture of the site counter below the blogroll and send it to me.  If you do that I will send you something cool (by my definition). 

 If you miss the 5000th I will take 5001, 5002 etc…  Basically whoever is the closest to 5000 after we reach that mark, send me the screen cap. and you will get what is probably the best present ever (again by my definition). 

 (Don’t just sit there hitting refresh or F5 all day… Do something constructive for the Kingdom.)

 In Christ

al sends


6 Responses to “5000 and Ticking (or Tic-ing)”

  1. Al Says:

    OK people… here is the deal. My wife was number 5000. It was the first time she logged on all day and she is claiming victory. Lest some of you doubt my integrity what I am going to do is give this fabulous prize to the first person to comment on this post.

    al sends

  2. momstout Says:

    Woo, Woo! So, I can be the first to reply to your note and get the fabulous prize? I wonder what it is going to be?!?

    Okay, I defer to the next person since I would not want to be the one to mar my husband’s integrity.

    Al’s Wife sends

  3. beckief Says:

    I sure would hate for you to think that no one was paying attention – and I would delight in taking the prize from momstout! – Beckie F.

  4. Al Says:

    Beckie wins big! Man, I never thought it would be so hard to give away fabulous prizes…

    Your super fantastic, mondo cool prize is on its way… Couldn’t happen to a nicer lady.

    al sends

  5. thanker212 Says:

    Drat! I missed out again!

  6. Al Says:

    No cookie for you Susan!

    al sends

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