Past, Present and Future


The Lord beckons you to a meal of bread and wine; where, in Spirit and by faith, the Lord’s body and blood are taken and enjoyed.

Have you ever thought on this… The Communion Meal we enjoy was enjoyed last week… Not only last week but the week before that and the week before that – till we arrive at 12 men sitting around a table in Jerusalem hanging on every word of their Lord and Master. The words they heard were the words we will hear… ‘This is my body’ – ‘This is my blood.’ Their Salvation was right before them.

If it is God’s will we will meet again next Sunday and the bread will be broken and the wine poured and the Savior’s words will wash over us again – and the Sunday after that and the Sunday after that – until one day we will sit around a table where the shadow will pass and the light of the Lamb will fill our minds. We will see the living bread, whose blood has been interposed between God and man since the foundation of the world. Our Salvation will be right there before us. Look back, look forward and look here at this table your salvation draws nigh. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.


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