My Wife’s Brain Is Safe And Sound


CoffeeFound this here story by following a link from Mark Horne’s blog…  I like Mark’s blog a lot.  If you have not checked it out please do.

My lovely wife is a coffee drinker.  No, really… she is a COFFEE DRINKER!  When she sleeps her right hand maintains a backward “C” shape.  If her adrenal glan quit working, we would not know it for a week.  I mean… she loves her coffee.

Well, apparently this does wonders for her cerebrum:

Women who drink three cups of coffee a day show less cognitive decline than women who drink a cup or less, report French neuroscientists

This is how my wife is able to teach 5th grade math to pre-calculus in the same school year. 

In case you are wondering the study said the coffee does not hold the same promise for men.  I wonder how sweet tea would stack up in such a study? hmmm…

al sends


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