This Would Actually Be an Improvement


An anagram for “Federal Vision” is

Loafer divines.

An anagram for “The Federal Vision” is

Heat (or hate) over infidels.

So: if that bunch of loafer divines weren’t up to their shenanigans, then there wouldn’t be so much hate over these infidels.

Now that’s theological discourse!


8 Responses to “This Would Actually Be an Improvement”

  1. Al Says:

    OOOO…. let me! let me!

    Federal Vision: Flea Diversion

    The Federal Vision: A relieved fish: NOT!


    al sends

  2. Al Says:

    or… The Federal Vision: Overheats Infidel

    not that they’re infidels… not really.

    al sends

  3. Rob Says:

    The Alf Diversion…a well known ploy of the enemy (aka prime time network television execs) to keep us off the main topic…

    [spoken like Cliff Claven]

  4. davidbryant Says:

    Hey – that was the best sitcom ever starring a wisecracking puppet, so I will thank you never to criticize St. Alf again, sir.

  5. Rob Says:

    In the spirit of brotherly cooperation, I apologize for anything that I have said verbally or in print that may have led to anyone get the impression that I have anything other than the highest sentiment and opinion of Alf. While I can make no statement affirming or condemning the creators of Alf, I revere Alf himself and quote him regularly. (I can’t recall how many times I will spontaneously blurt out, “Hey, Lucky my man!”)

    Further, I must also confess my own failing in the whole anagram game. The careful observer will note that I neglected an “e”. (I will not confess that I am so bad at cryptography that I had to cut out my own little scrabble letters and arrange them on the desk in order to work the puzzle. Nor will I admit to being the subject of ridicule by my own wife for taking this a little too far. If this were the case, it may be that an “e” got hidden under my New Geneva Study Bible…but I’ll admit no such thing.) This omission of the “e” has led, further, to my calling the character into the, er, character into question…which I was loathe to do in the first place.

    So, my dissing of Alf was quite erroneous and misguided. I am deeply sorry. Fear No Evil Dis. It was a mistake.


  6. Rob Says:

    (just noticed all manner of bad grammer…please ignore or fix)

  7. Rob Says:

    er, and grammar…zoiks…if only I’d misspelled Austen or something like that…did I mention the fact that I’m taking a lot of cough syrup? (muttering under breath nonsensically…)

  8. davidbryant Says:

    As a brother who has fallen off the cough-syrup wagon many times myself, I forgive you completely, Rob. I think St. Alf is smiling down on us. So in short it’s quite an Alf Diversion. wheeze wheeze

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