Only Sinners Need Apply


We are sinful. That is a very simple statement of a very profound truth. This week alone, maybe even this morning alone, we have committed enough sin to bar us forever from this table. Who are you to think that you should come and sit at the table of the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Yet it would be even greater sin not to come. Are you a rebel? The Scripture says yes. Do you have iniquity eating at your bones? Your conscience says yes. Is there the poison of asps under all our tongues and an open tomb in our throats and blood-shedding-swiftness about our feet? Our experience agrees with the Word of God that this is true of us.

Let me assure you of something else that is equally true: God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. The righteous bore the sin of the unrighteousness, so now you, through faith in Him and repentance toward sin, are clean. You have already confessed your sin to God. He heard you. You looked to Christ as you confessed. Christ interposed Himself for you. He ever lives to intercede for you.

So, yes, we are sinful. But we are also clean. We are free. Rejoice. We are raised out of the dust of our wretchedness, so that we can come cleansed and enjoy table fellowship with our Heavenly Father. Christ Jesus died for you. His body and blood speak for you as you take the bread and the wine. Your sins are forgiven, you who are baptized into Him with water and who trust in Him alone.

So come, we believe it, now let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


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