For My Wife Or Any Other Lovable Geeks Out There


Ed, my dentist and friend, needs to watch this as well:

HT: Barlow


9 Responses to “For My Wife Or Any Other Lovable Geeks Out There”

  1. Rob Says:

    Two questions I ask, nay, three things are a puzzlement to me.
    1. How do they DO that?
    2. How on earth did you FIND that?
    3. Why would anyone think to put THAT on youtube?

  2. Al Says:

    Thrice shall my answers be:
    1. Something with nuclear power.
    2. The Hat Tip is to BarlowFarm blog… he posts are quite diverse
    3. Geeks, lovable and otherwise.

    I just thought it was pretty cool, theologically speaking.

    al sends

  3. edwardanoland Says:

    Well, my first thought was, “Hey, without Mercury, Venus and the Earth would probably just fall into the sun”. But since I always want to be taken seriously (wink wink), I’ll offer this short comment. First, I don’t have a dog in this fight – I own no stock (as far as I know) in either the amalgam industry or the research organization in the video. Having said that, dental amalgam has been used for over 150 years (see the ADA stance on amalgams at ). Of course the naysayers will say (or naysay) that this is a conspiracy. How many remember the fight over putting fluoride in the water in Pensacola? Messy business.

    I’m waiting for mercury in silver fillings to be blamed for global warming, then the argument will be complete. Or maybe it will be blamed for hair loss? Then the argument will have some teeth to it. Hmmmmm………

  4. Al Says:

    Hey Ed,

    I honestly did not think about this as a post to warn others away from getting their teeth filled. Heck, I just want you to quit playing with the stuff 🙂

    What fascinated me most about this video was just the close up pictures of nerve cells and how they react when mercury was put right next to them. I would think that this is a larger concentration of the metal than you would ever receive from a dentist visit.

    From your response it sounds like you have answered questions about this from time to time. No offense intended from this end. Now, as to hair loss… have you looked to see if your X-ray machine is functioning properly? I read something on one of the internets about x-rays killing people in China… just up and killing people!

    al sends

  5. Rob Says:

    stinkin’ x-ray machines…

  6. edwardanoland Says:

    Well yeah……they have those “godzilla” x-ray machines over there! Or is that Japan? And I’m no dummy – I’ve looked straight into the end of the x-ray machine numerous times to be sure it’s working properly. So there.

    As for offending me, I’m a dentist, my friend. It’s impossible to offend me.

    What fascinated me about the video was the disclaimer about other heavy metals such as lead and aluminum. If I remember correctly, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers and as for lead, well, I guess we all chewed enough paint off of those toys when we were kids to make all of our hair let go. You did chew on those toys, didn’t you?

    Hey Al, I was just wondering with what was left of my neural synapses (“free tubulin molecules” as they put it), why is this theologically cool?

    Your friend and dentist,

  7. Al Says:

    “Why is this theologically cool.”

    That was a bit tongue and cheek. Though I am amazed at the level of detail this provides. The snail’s brain is so complex that the smallest portion displays the wondrous ability to respond to its environment. Darwin’s irreducible complexity on display. That is pretty cool.

    Al sends

  8. edwardanoland Says:

    Now you’ve given me a whole new reason to pay attention in church.

  9. Al Says:

    Snail brains! I plan on developing that systematic.

    al sends

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