Enabling Grace


The only way to be saved from our sin is to come to Jesus Christ in faith and repentance. But the Bible is clear that if we do come to Christ, it is because God first came to us and empowered us to do so by His grace. This is to say that the grace that delivers us and transforms us when we come to Christ is the same grace that enables us to come to Him to begin with.

We are coming to Christ for salvation today. He calls us to come, and we must obey. We must approach Him for forgiveness of sin. He is pleased when we worship Him, and He requires our worship, so we must come.

But how shall we come? Will we find it in ourselves to come? Is it enough merely to have an appointment for worship each Sunday or to come by force of habit? No. We need grace to come to God.

I want to assure you that God gives what He commands. God’s grace enables us to come to Him so that we can fellowship with Him and give Him glory and receive the grace of covenant renewal. We are in the position of Moses, who prayed to the Lord, “If I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight.” If I have found grace, let me find grace.

God enables by his grace you to come and worship Him so that you can receive grace. I exhort you to trust in that enablement and look to the Holy Spirit to help you do what you cannot do on your own. I exhort you to worship with your all because God is your help. God’s gracious enablement should not make you passive, but it should make you more able to sing, more emphatic in your confession, more heartfelt in your prayers, more active in your hearing of the Word.

God’s grace goes before us and helps us. Let us lean on that help as we worship the glorious God who is Father and Son and Holy Spirit.


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