Not One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others


Double negatives are acceptable when the word-of-faith folks are involved…

 It looks like some folks in Congress are questioning the finances of a few of our more affluent pastors and their lady friends.

 From CBS News

 al sends


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One Response to “Not One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others”

  1. Rob Says:

    The expletives that come to mind when I think about the “ministries” in question are not fit for publication, but a question is going to emerge through all of this that bears noting: Will this be an opportunity for the government to change its posture concerning the tax status of all churches? Every thinking person on the planet sees that these clowns need to be exposed and given the same privileges as those given to a roadside carnival, but are there implications we need to be thinking about? These frauds, it is important to note, are seen as being very similar in kind to the local Baptist or Community Church.

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