The Royal Gift of Food


Throughout the Bible one particular royal gift is highlighted above all others – the gift of food. Melchizidek, the king of Salem, gave food and drink to Abram. When Joseph was raised to rule over Egypt, he fed the world. King David permitted Mephibosheth to eat with him at his table. The royal feast is one of the chief OT images for the kingdom of God. In the Psalms the marriage feast pictures the joyful fellowship of the heavenly King with His people. Proverbs 9 depicts Wisdom – a messianic figure – preparing a feast to share His bounties. Isaiah and Ezek prophesied that the Son of David would feed Israel with His own hand.

When we come to the gospels we find the Lord Jesus feeding the multitudes with His own hand, signaling that He was the Son of David and messianic King who would lead His people to green pastures. Jesus described the kingdom of God as a wedding feast for the son of the king and told His disciples, “I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon Me, that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom.”

As we sit at this table today, we sit at the kingdom feast of Jesus Christ. This supper is a foretaste of the joy and fellowship of the final wedding feast that all Christ’s people will enjoy when the Bridegroom returns. Jesus is here as host and as guest, and His kingdom is manifested here and now, and through the Spirit the kingdom’s power comes to life in us as He feeds us.

But Jesus is not merely guest and host. He is also the very food we eat. He is the bread from heaven; His flesh is true food, and His blood is true drink. His flesh satisfies all our hungers, not just the hunger of our bellies, and His blood makes us never to thirst again. The bread we break is a participation in His life-giving body, and the wine that we drink is a participation in His blood. Because we feast upon Christ, we have life. We have no life in ourselves, but we must receive life as the gift of the Father from Christ by the Spirit. Through this bread and wine, we receive Christ Himself and become bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh.

Let us eat and drink in faith, believing in Christ crucified and trusting in His mighty cross. Come, let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


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