Even More Babies Not Dying


OK… This is good news.   The folks at HotAir asked if this would end the life debate.  I doubt it…  The scientists that perform embryonic stem-cell research or human/animal genetic blending (CYBRIDS) will continue, not because they must but because they can.

Here is a quote from the WaPo article:

The unencumbered ability to turn adult cells into embryonic ones capable of morphing into virtually every kind of cell or tissue, described in two scientific journal articles to be released today, has been the ultimate goal of researchers for years. In theory, it would allow people to grow personalized replacement parts for their bodies from a few of their own skin cells, while giving researchers a uniquely powerful means of understanding and treating diseases.

 Here is a question or two for you:

 If we can grow new hearts, livers and nerve cells can you see a day when our lives are extended 110+ years?  What will that society look like?

A couple more:  

Which animal genes would work best in humans?  Would you like to hear like a dog?  See like and eagle?  Hold your breath like a sea lion?

Is there a voice for ethics in the medical community?

UPDATE:  I missed this in my first reading of the article:

Despite the excitement over the new work, experts predicted that the fight over embryonic stem cells will linger, since they remain the gold standard against which all alternatives will be compared.

The “gold standard” has never produced anything close to a treatment… Why would this be the mark everyone is shooting for?  Oh, yeah… death sells.

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One Response to “Even More Babies Not Dying”

  1. Rob Says:

    That holding your breath like a sea lion thing sounds pretty cool. (grin)

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