Soon and Very Soon…


… we will reach the 10K mark.  (I think Saturday but who knows).   Whoever sends me proof of the 10Kth hit gets the T-shirt or Mug.  My wife is hoping that you are too unobservant to actually send me that number.  I have a much higher opinion of your surfing skills.

al sends


10 Responses to “Soon and Very Soon…”

  1. edwardanoland Says:

    I haven’t slept in days (not including nights) checking the website. I might be busy Saturday, though. Can you turn the internet off until Monday, please? Since I’ve never even come close to being number one, it would do me good to be number 10,000. I’m also thinking that when you get to 144,000 I’d like to be included in that number. That wasn’t very PC, was it?

  2. Al Says:


    You have crossed a line that the god demos drew. The good news is that demos is a false god and it’s blaspheme laws may be broken at will.

    I personally hope that someone like you wins the mug. Not you necessarily, but someone just like you. Perhaps, there are other men out there with a wicked sense of humor and mad skills with tiny, sterile dremel tools. I wonder…

    al sends

  3. Rob Says:

    Not for nuthin’ but I just did a stat counter experiment (not at all trying to cheat…just trying to learn) and I refreshed a couple of times…the stat counter didn’t move. I thought this was curious so I exited the internet entirely, then got back on…came to your site, checked the stat counter and it was one LESS than it was before. I’m starting to get that carnival game feeling. Why don’t you just tell us now who you want to give the cup to and stop taunting us. I’m getting the same feeling I get at the fair when I see someone walking around with the Giant Scooby…(I’m not even sure what the feeling is, but it comes close to envy…or something). This is looking more like professional wrestling or a monster truck pull than a legitimate contest. I’m going to see if I can get Doug Wilson to take up my cause. If he won’t, maybe I can form some sort of Judicial Committee to Stand for me in the face of the injustice of it all.

    …realizing I could have gone and bought a coffee mug in the time it took to write this comment…I really need to switch to decaf…

  4. Al Says:

    Well, since you poked your head around the curtain, I am afraid that you are now ineligible to win anything. Inquiring minds may want to know, but we cannot have them actually running the show around here.

    My wife is probably going to win anyway.

    Al sends

  5. Al Says:

    One more thing Rob… I went to your site, looking for a hit counter to test this out, and could not find one. How will you give away free stuff if you do not have a hit counter?

    al sends

  6. Rob Says:

    If I put it on there, am I obligated to give stuff away? (But if my wife wins anyway…I can combine Christmas AND Birthdays with web schwag.) Hey, this is working out to some sort of twisted advantage…

    Stat counter coming!

  7. Al Says:

    man… you have more hits than we do… I feel inferior now.

    al sends

  8. Rob Says:

    Only because of my National Enquireresque appeal to the sensational…I’m posting Nostradamus’ predictions for the New Year in a couple of days…the stats counter will be spinning like a fan!

  9. davidbryant Says:

    I predict (inspired by the aforementioned medieval Jewish mystic) that the stat counter will roll over to the magically delicious mark of 10k at precisely 11:21 a.m. CST on December 1, 2007. If not, it will be either before or after that time. So what are gonna give me, Al? Gotta be better than a mug: predicting the time of the rollover is bigger than just being there to rollover. Please, nobody read Deut 18:20. Did I just say that out loud?

  10. Al Says:

    Only 14 to go… it will be tonight. You are not eligible to win anyway. Get a mystic to click in and perhaps he will give you the mug. What does a mystic need with a mug, or a t-shirt?

    al sends

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