OK… Who Was It?


Someone hit the 10K mark… Was it you?

al sends


3 Responses to “OK… Who Was It?”

  1. edwardanoland Says:

    I helped get someone to the mark. Does that count for something?

  2. Al Says:

    I don’t know what to do…

    I don’t know if it is the counter problem that Rob mentioned or what. I know that folks were trying to be #10K because of the spike in hits as the number approached. Now what to do? How should I give away the mug/tshirt?

    Advice anyone?

    al sends

  3. edwardanoland Says:

    Not at all sure. I saw the counter at 9998 and then at 10020. I feel like I lost the bid on ebay, but at least the disappointment you feel on ebay is somewhat tempered by the resentment you feel toward the winner. I don’t even have that satisfaction. Maybe the winner is like some of those lottery winners who consults his attorney before presenting the winning ticket? You might want to hold the mug or t-shirt in escrow in case the winner suddenly turns up.

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