80% ally?


My old friend Russell Moore, who is now the dean of the school of theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave some salient commentary on the issue of abortion as it relates to presidential candidates. Check it out here.

If we join Pat Robertson and endorse the pro-abortion Guiliani (whom Moore calls an “80% ally”), asserting that our greatest foe is the Islamic jihadists and that national security is the key issue, then we are really saying that we want to preserve a nation under the curse of God for its bloodlust against our little image bearers in the womb without a voice. No. End the intrauterine holocaust so that there is something to preserve worth preserving.

Thank you, Dr. Moore.


2 Responses to “80% ally?”

  1. Rob Says:

    Kind of like defending ourselves against a cold when cancer eats at our guts.

  2. davidbryant Says:


    And analogies fail us. It’s just yucky.

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