Devils Are Whispering


Devils are whispering this morning: “You are not worthy,” they say. And you know what? They are right. There is often a bit of truth behind the teeth of a demon. But, this bit of truth is the reason for the table and not a reason to keep away from it.

You see here is the thing about devils, they have impeccable timing. They don’t whisper at the beginning of the service. They make no mention of your sin when you are called to confession. They are perfectly happy to have you think about last night’s game or better yet, the sin of your neighbor. That has a veneer of spirituality about it. Anything but true confession as you enter into worship.

We don’t want you to get to this moment and suddenly become aware of your unworthiness; thereby, keeping you away from the very means of grace He provides to overcome the whispering devils and doubts. God, by his grace, cleanses you from all sin and the Lord Jesus Christ sprinkles You with His blood, washing you whiter than snow. He did that at the beginning of the service.

This table is the seal of the favor of God. It is an announcement to you that by faith all the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus. This is the place of joy and fellowship. This table drives away devils and doubts. Your Savior meets you here and He whispers words of peace to you. So, listen to the voice of Your Lord. Ignore the devils, they speak too late. Come taste and see that the Lord is good

al sends


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