Can We Talk?


In some bizarre web related convergence of providence and a love for reading I received (purchased) three copies of N. D. Wilson’s latest book 100 Cupboards.  Not just any copies mind you, three book-plated copies.  There were only 200 produced says N.D.’s father and I have three of them.


Why should you care?  Well, I have plans for two of them…  I would like to know what to do with the third (#189 to be exact).  Should I hoard (thanks Valerie) it ’till N.D.’s genius is discovered by the masses then sell it on EBay?  Would you recommend donating it to a charity?  Give it to a deserving family?  You know, one like yours?  Give me guidance and provide me with wisdom… I seek her like a jewel. 

al sends, awaiting your comments in the meta


One Response to “Can We Talk?”

  1. kyriosity Says:

    Al, I asked my brother the collectomaniac what would be the best thing (from a collector’s perspective) to do with the bookplate and the special folder it came in. He said, “Always safest to not do anything that’s not reversible; therefore, I think the best thing to do is keep the bookplate in the folder in the book. Only problem would be if the folder is bigger than the book thus making it more likely to get damaged or separated from the book. If anyone down the road actually wanted the plate in the book there would be no reason they couldn’t do it themselves.” Not being a collectomaniac myself, I will affix the bookplate to the book, read the book (it won’t be in mint condition! horrors!), and use the folder as a bookmark (which probably won’t be very good for the binding). And if I had more than one, I’d likely give it to someone I loved and thought would appreciate reading it, with the bookplate being a rather nifty bonus.

    P.S. As I said, I am not a collectomaniac, but I am an editomanic, and you mean hoard, not horde here. Amusingly, a day or two ago I corrected another Wilson offspring who’d reversed those two words in the opposite direction.

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