The Huckster…


… Why The “Real Christian” Running For President Makes Me Nervous.


  • huckster:  One who uses aggressive, showy, and sometimes devious methods to promote or sell a product. (American Heritage Dictionary)
  • More than nervous really.  Nauseous is a better word.  That’s it, I am nauseous and not in a good way.  This is not the upset stomach that comes with endorphins; the ones that would be released into my body at the thought of a Christ follower ascending to the highest office in the US government.  No, this kind of nausea is the kind you get after opening up a bottle of Mellow Yellow on a really hot day, tipping it straight up and closing your eyes, while drinking it half down. Only to open your eyes to see long strands of some bacterial growth hanging from the bottom of the now upturned bottle.  It is that kind of nausea.

    This, from Hot Air, made me want to puke:

    Huckabee nobly cancels attack ad on Romney — then plays it for reporters

    He called a presser to unveil an attack ad on Romney, then decided at the last minute that he’s too Christian a leader to attack another candidate — and then showed the ad to reporters anyway, knowing of course that it’d be the talk of political news coverage tonight and tomorrow.

    This from the New York Times:

    Mr. Huckabee, with his wife standing silently off to the side, said that the “conventional wisdom” was that when you are attacked, you attack back. But, he said, an hour before the press conference, which was scheduled for noon, he just decided not to go that route.

    “It’s not worth it,” he said.

    Polls regularly show that Iowa voters do not reward candidates who go negative, and perhaps Mr. Huckabee saw some of those polls. “The people of Iowa deserve better,” he said.

    Asked if he wasn’t being hypocritical by showing the ad to a roomful of cameras that are likely to record it and show it — for free — around the country, Mr. Huckabee said he was showing it to reporters only because reporters were so cynical that if he didn’t show it, they would not believe that he really had made such an ad.

    Prov 11:9 The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor,
    But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered.

    Read the post, as Hot Air’s resident Atheist, takes The Huckster to task. 

    The thing about hypocrisy is that the God hater spots it with ease, while the hypocrite fails to see the sin.  Why is that?  I think part of the answer lies with our view of biblical reason.  We despise the clear teaching of God for some sort of “heartfelt” experience and as Jeremiah said, “the heart is deceitful above all things  and desperately wicked.”

    Happy New Year… I am going to be sick.

    al sends


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    22 Responses to “The Huckster…”

    1. smallishbees Says:

      FYI: If you are nauseated, you feel that you need to throw up. If you are nauseous, you make other people feel that they need to throw up.

    2. proright169 Says:

      Huckabee is exactly what his monider is: a huckster. he has the b.s speech of a alcoholic. I don’t trust this guy anymore than a Clintonista. He would be the sorriest choice, worse than a Carter, if he was *ever* nominated. I can’t stand the arsehole and I am a ‘evangelical” conservative—with brains!

    3. proright169 Says:

      “moniker” is. corrected.

    4. weewilly Says:

      Someone said ‘ When you paint yourself into a corner, the best thing is to let the paint dry’
      His problem ‘ Pastors are not equipped to run for high office. Not if they are true shepherds….’

    5. Al Says:

      smallish… Thanks, but I think the usage has changed a bit and it is now acceptable to use it the way that I did. I looked on and they reference two medical dictionaries with that usage. Hmmm…

      proright… This whole episode reminded me of Bill Clinton. It may just be a Arkansas thing, but his problem seems a spiritual one and for one who is fronting his Christianity as a distinctive it is an elect ability problem as well.

      Willy… I disagree with your “pastors are not equipped to run for high office.” I would recommend a biography on Abraham Kuyper.

      thanks for stopping by…

      al sends

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      […] Romney as the “compromise” Republican, aptly the most disingenuous in the field, or the Huckster, a false prophet theocrat who is already being dressed up as “too liberal” in a […]

    7. luthersrose Says:


      Some good thoughts here… thank you. I am not impressed with Huckabee only because I see too many contradictory statements coming from him so far as to who is giving him foreign relations advice; his weak stance on immigration; his spend and tax background; and his commuting of sentences of lethal felons.

      I have also noticed on issues of faith (Romney’s Mormonism); what is the greatest commandment; evolution; etc. he has failed to speak biblically and accurately.

      The primaries will have their way, but for now “caution” is a good word to apply to The Huckster.

      Thanks again for your article and congrats on the HotAir pick up. I read them daily.


      PS: I think Rush was the one who first dubbed Huckabee – The Huckster.

    8. Al Says:

      Hey Steve… thanks for the comment. I am concerned that the primaries are so front loaded that the parties will have their nominees before any real vetting can get done.

      On the huckster thing… I don’t listen to Rush too much; I just thought this title applied in this context. I like the name though, so I am going to pretend that you never told me who said it first 🙂

      God Bless,
      al sends

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    10. jayskywalker Says:

      My cousin got to meet the guy about a week ago in New York. He was on the campaign trail with none other than Chuck Norris. My cousin described him as sincere and very down-to-earth when meeting him in person. Personally, I have to devote more time to studying him, but it’s hard to invest time in every candidate vying for the nomination. Thank you for putting some time into expressing your opinion though! I was glad to read it.

    11. dec Says:

      Huckabee doesn’t nauseate me; after all, he is just a politician–and probably always has been…

      What nauseates me is that some Christian bloggers, whom I regard highly, advocate for his nomination.

      …long strands of some bacterial growth.

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    13. Al Says:

      Greetings Jay,
      When The Huckster first came out as a politician of note, following the conviction of Jim Guy Tucker and his resignation from the office of Governor of Arkansas, I really liked him. He seemed to be an unabashed Christian, putting his Christian convictions into practice.

      When I see things like this it disturbs me. He is putting his faith forward a reason to vote for him, basically telling us that to oppose him is to oppose a brother in Christ, but this little episode tells me much about his view of Scripture. Check out my first post on blog as well…

      Dec’s comment, below yours, is another frustration of mine. Well said Dec.

      Al sends

    14. PolitiPornster Says:

      Huckabee may have Jesus on his side, but Obama has Oprah and Opie…

      I’ve enjoyed watching FOX scramble because their guy, Rudy, is getting squashed in the polls by the Huckster. Huckabee has only exploited the crowd that FOX has cultivated over the last 7-8 years. People who will vote with their Bibles instead of allowing reason to be their guide.

    15. Al Says:

      Politi – “People who will vote with their Bibles instead of allowing reason to be their guide.”

      Are the two, reason and Biblical thought, contrary to one another? It is the Bible that informs me that hypocrisy is wrong, that lying is a sin and that unrighteous rulers are a curse from God (getting the government we deserve and all that).

      While I think some may support a candidate simply because he quotes scripture, if that is their only reason for supporting him they are not using scripture as their guide at all. Kinda funny actually…

      Reason may fail (as it did in your comment), but the Lord of Lords will not.

      Grace to you and thanks for stopping by…

      al sends

    16. luthersrose Says:


      I do understand your concerns.

      However, don’t you think there has been a numerous amount of unprecedented advanced coverage, debates, ads, interviews, etc. that has served quite well to define most of the candidates positions and vet them before the Iowa caucuses?

      I don’t know who I am going to support yet. I don’t trust Romney’s vacillation on important issues; Huckabee’s incongruity of the facts of his positions, Giullani is too much of a social liberal from what I can see, and Fred never really has stepped up to the plate. Paul is a fringe nut; and McCain seems only strong in N.H.

      What a field.

      The Dem’s are more consistent this time around but I couldn’t support Hillary under any condition; Obama is charismatic and can sell the message, but his youth is showing on issues; and the Breck girl is just plain silly.

      I am just glad that no matter who gets the nod this year as the next President, that the Lord is Sovereign and will ultimately raise up in power and leadership whom He desires for His eternal purposes (Roms. 13)

      The cross waves higher than the flag…

    17. PolitiPornster Says:


      Despite being a liberal, I agree that reason and Biblical thought are not incompatible. I don’t think that my post went that far. A voter informed by their Bible, as well as other sources, is not a bad voter or an idiot. Nonetheless, one who merely votes for whomever their pastor/priest/minister endorses, well that’s another story. I’m sure that you know the type, the ones that go to church to be told what the Bible says, instead of reading It and discerning for themselves.

      Now I pass it back to you…can one be politically liberal and Christian?

    18. Al Says:


      Amen to your last paragraph. As the the Heidelberg Catechism puts it, He “being our King and almighty, art willing and able to give us all good.”

      I will disagree with your comment on Paul. He is fringe, but not a nut. He is simply a consistent libertarian. I disagree with him on how to get out of Iraq, but that is about it.

      Thanks for stopping by and please follow us over to We would love to have your interaction there.

      God bless ya brother,
      al sends

    19. Al Says:

      Politi – “can one be politically liberal and Christian?”

      My inner snark wants to say, “sure. we can be in all manner of error and still be a Christian,” but I wont. (How was that for channeling The Huckster?)

      Of course you can be politically liberal and remain a Christian. We are justified by faith not works, political or otherwise.

      Now, the question I think you are asking is this… “Are liberal political positions compatible with Biblical Christianity?” I think I will take that question over to the new blog. Have you been there yet?

      al sends

    20. davidbryant Says:

      The new blog site is Come on, Al. Get in the game.

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