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A Few New Links Added

July 17, 2007

If we may draw your attention to the right hand side of the screen… You will notice a new category called “Pastors We Like.”   We will be posting some of our favorite pastor’s blogs in this section, with Jeff Meyers taking up the first slot.  We will not do like Doug Wilson and link, let’s say Peter Leithart, in both the Pastors We Like section and the Deep Thinkers section.  That is just gratuitous and while we can’t prove it, we believe it to be a cheap trick, making  it look like we know a bunch of people. 

We have also added S.G.’s Blog, “Mutiny on the High Seas,” under our Friends and Family category.  She has the distinction of being the first woman blogger to be linked here.  Some of you thought that St. Anne’s Public House was a woman and refused to click the link because of misguided interpretation of 1 Cor 11 and that is unfortunate.  Please do not do that to Susan, she deserves better.

One last one…  Team Pyro is under the Apologetics category.  They love the Gospel and strive to tell others the Good News of Salvation in Christ Alone.  Read them from time to time, you will be edified (even if they are a bunch of flaming Baptists).   

Grace and Peace,

al sends