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Can We Talk?

December 20, 2007

In some bizarre web related convergence of providence and a love for reading I received (purchased) three copies of N. D. Wilson’s latest book 100 Cupboards.  Not just any copies mind you, three book-plated copies.  There were only 200 produced says N.D.’s father and I have three of them.


Why should you care?  Well, I have plans for two of them…  I would like to know what to do with the third (#189 to be exact).  Should I hoard (thanks Valerie) it ’till N.D.’s genius is discovered by the masses then sell it on EBay?  Would you recommend donating it to a charity?  Give it to a deserving family?  You know, one like yours?  Give me guidance and provide me with wisdom… I seek her like a jewel. 

al sends, awaiting your comments in the meta


Blogging for the Truly Lazy 7-26-2007

June 26, 2007

The audio files from this year’s Providence Worldview Conference are finally online.  The sessions are all good but may I recommend Randy Booth’s Jesus Loves the Little Children?  It is a breath of fresh air.

Bibliophiles’ addictions fed for just $5.00 a fix.  Gotta love John Piper… ya just gotta.

I know that some have seen this already… but you have to marvel at the goodness of God to give us a voice like this in a cell phone salesman:

 Finally, this is your cornfield:

This is your cornfield

This is your cornfield on drugs:  CLICK HERE!

Mark Steyn

June 18, 2007

I (al) am scheduled to interview Mark Steyn next Monday on WEBY AM1330. We will be discussing his book America Alone and perhaps some stuff on immigration. I would like to enlist our vast readership for help. Would the three of you like to help develop questions to put to Mr. Steyn? Please offer your suggestions in the comments section.

If you have not read his book please see if you can pick it up at Barnes and Noble or get it overnighted to you from your favorite online store, it is worth the extra shipping. Or click on his name above and visit his website. He is a prolific writer and most of his stuff can be found there.

If you are in the Pensacola area or in South Alabama then tune into 1330 next Monday and take a listen. I am on from 4-6 and the Steyn interview is scheduled from 5:30 till six. (DV)

al sends