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Blog Withdrawal

November 13, 2007

No Internet at the house for a week now.   That coupled with the Family Advance last week meant very little productivity on this here backwater of a blog.  I will try and step things up as I can.  Much will depend on getting my cable modem back up.

Speaking of the Family Advance…  We had a wonderful time this weekend.  Saw some old friends like Randy Booth and made some new acquaintances like Ben HouseAndrew Sandlin has a prodigious memory; recalled my name from a single meeting three years ago, impressing me greatly. 

Of the three speakers my daughters enjoyed Andrew the most.  Andrew gave us much to talk about and I am grateful.  His talks dealt with courtship, marriage, time and money and were of great benefit to this father of three young ladies.  My daughters are godly young women and I am blessed to know that they are viewing their earthly relationships with their Heavenly Relationship in mind. 

The host church of the Family Advance is pastored by a stalwart of the faith, Pastor Mickey Schneider. He has been at the front of the conservative Presbyterian church for sometime.  He was there at the start of the PCA and is making an impact on this young pastor today.  I am thankful for his leadership and pray that God will bless him and the saints at Trinity Presbyterian Church with grace an peace.

The Family Advance is a wonderful way to spend your Veterans Day Weekend.  Come on down if  you get the chance.

 al sends