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Can We Talk?

December 20, 2007

In some bizarre web related convergence of providence and a love for reading I received (purchased) three copies of N. D. Wilson’s latest book 100 Cupboards.  Not just any copies mind you, three book-plated copies.  There were only 200 produced says N.D.’s father and I have three of them.


Why should you care?  Well, I have plans for two of them…  I would like to know what to do with the third (#189 to be exact).  Should I hoard (thanks Valerie) it ’till N.D.’s genius is discovered by the masses then sell it on EBay?  Would you recommend donating it to a charity?  Give it to a deserving family?  You know, one like yours?  Give me guidance and provide me with wisdom… I seek her like a jewel. 

al sends, awaiting your comments in the meta


Well,This Is Just Embarrassing…

December 1, 2007

Someone was 10K.  Someone should be doing a happy dance right now.  Someone should be sending me their size (in a confidential email) for a t-shirt.  Someone is missing out.

 Here is what I think happened:  WordPress failed us.  It appears that this blogging software, as much as I like it, has a terrible hit counter.  It stores up the hits and then posts them in clumps.  This appeared to be my experience last night.  Had I known, I never would have offered the Tshirt/mug in this manner.

This would have had the blessed advantage of saving you frustration, precious time and the ink on your F5 key.  Now I will make it right.

Here is what we will do…  I am going to pick a number between 1 and 200.  I will tell it to my son Jerry, a trustworthy 11 year old and the only other one up at 6:30 on a Saturday.   Well, grandpa is up too, but he is a visitor and a distant enough relative that he may have a shot at this here mug.

You, faithful reader, please put your guess in the comment section and the closest one to the number (already told to Jerry, the vault, Stout) will win this fabulous prize.  I will leave this open until I close it.  Please, one guess per person and if there is a duplicate number guessed, the first guesser is the favored one.  So, pay attention to the other guesses.  May providence shine upon you.

al sends

OK… Who Was It?

November 30, 2007

Someone hit the 10K mark… Was it you?

al sends

Soon and Very Soon…

November 29, 2007

… we will reach the 10K mark.  (I think Saturday but who knows).   Whoever sends me proof of the 10Kth hit gets the T-shirt or Mug.  My wife is hoping that you are too unobservant to actually send me that number.  I have a much higher opinion of your surfing skills.

al sends

10000 Hits… Get Some!

November 14, 2007

We should go over 10,000 hits by Christmas.  I would like to offer visitor 10K the following:



One lovely Mug   

— OR —                    

 Reformation T

One lovely T-shirt

 Both are from Frank Turk’s PawnShop!

Just post a comment with a screenshot of the 10K# (located at the bottom of the blog) or email me with that picture and the gift is yours.  If you don’t know how to perform screenshots.  Leave a comment and someone will tell ya how!

Al sends

Hitting the Links 11-01-07

November 1, 2007

I guess that should be hitting the Link since I have but one for you today.

What would it look like if your flash animation decided to rise up against The Man?  LOOK HERE!

 It helps if you know a little about Flash programing but that is not a show stopper.

Let me know what you think.

al sends

5000 and Ticking (or Tic-ing)

July 17, 2007

I moved this to the top of the Blog, using some mad skills – al sends

Sometime today one of you will be the 5000th visitor to the site…  Do me a favor and take a screen capture of the site counter below the blogroll and send it to me.  If you do that I will send you something cool (by my definition). 

 If you miss the 5000th I will take 5001, 5002 etc…  Basically whoever is the closest to 5000 after we reach that mark, send me the screen cap. and you will get what is probably the best present ever (again by my definition). 

 (Don’t just sit there hitting refresh or F5 all day… Do something constructive for the Kingdom.)

 In Christ

al sends

A Question Concerning Justification

June 12, 2007

After a conversation with a fellow pastor in my area, I’ve been contemplating a question. It’s one that I have ruminated on, discussed, and investigated for many years.

Can you have a defective theology of justification and still be justified?

Or to put it differently, Can you misapprehend the role of faith in justification, yet place your faith in Christ alone and thus be justified?

I’m interested in hearing your response and discussion before I post.